Hometown: Fort William, Scotland 

Born: Dec 1986

Mountain biking since: 2005

Competing since: 2008

Sponsors: Specialized, Lululemon Athletica, SMITH optics, Muckynutz, Mucoff, EVOC, HT components. 

Things I love: Family, friends and my dog Lumi. She is a Mini Aussie Shepherd and just joined the family, we couldn’t imagine life without her! Travelling! I LOVE visiting new places all over the world and the adventures which happen along the way. Practicing yoga, I recommend it to anyone! I love to play my fiddle and listen to traditional music, I started playing age 8 and just love it! I love to read a good book, but don’t do it nearly enough. Baking and cooking is such an enjoyable way to unwind, and then you get to eat it and share with friends! I love being by or in the sea – my family used to live on a sailing boat, I love the water! I also love the mountains, and feel right at home in the middle of nowhere whether on my bike, on skis, or on foot. I am loving this journey and enjoying every moment! 🙂 


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By: Rashid Azar