New beginnings with Specialized bicycles!

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People often talk of the New Year being full of new beginnings, and that was certainly true for me. Changing sponsors can be both exciting and scary, and moving to one of the biggest bike brands in the World was certainly both of those! Everyone at Specialized has been lovely and so welcoming, and I already feel right at home with the set up. My new 650b Enduro is such an awesome bike, right away it was confidence inspiring and a lot of fun on the awkward techy trails at home!  

The Winter in Fort William has been pretty wet and wild, so having an exciting new bike to ride was brilliant motivation to get me out of the door and up into the hills! We also had quite a bit of snow, it is pretty cool to live in a place where we can ski in the morning and ride bikes in the afternoon!









Snow seems to suck up all the noise in the woods, and all you can hear is the crunch of your tyres and the occasional click of your gears. It feels so still and tranquil. It is often a challenge to start slow and build up your pace, as going too fast too early can result in burning lungs, but going too slow can leave you frozen and keen to get back to the van. Finishing your ride as the light fades, you head home to wash your bike in the dark, before trying to get some circulation back!

The first EWS in Rotorua was the perfect excuse to head to the southern hemisphere for some respite from the cold and rain at home, so at the end of January John and I flew to Auckland. We bought an old car which unfortunately overheated to the max just twenty minutes down the road in rush hour traffic! A policeman stopped to help and was really lovely! Andy topped up the water tank and we nursed it back to the garage. Luckily the garage agreed to swap it for another car and soon I was back on the road! 



First stop was Nelson, a mountain biking paradise! It felt amazing to suddenly be in Summer, quite a contrast to what I had left at home! 




I soon got used to long hot and dusty rides, daily Yoga, swimming in the sea, and eating delicious fresh produce from the local market. Instead of doing daily e-mails looking out the window at a rain battered Ben Nevis, I was sitting with a lap top in a little local coffee shop by the beach. What a difference a change in location and season has on your daily enthusiasm to pack in as much as possible!









Happy riding, see you on the trails! 🙂


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  • Nice one Hannah! Could bring my bike back to the UK with you?? :))

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