VW T5 conversion

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Over the space of one week, my long wheel base VW T5 went from a painter and decorators van, to a pimp camper van with a cosy living area and bike garage! My good friends Mark and Niki of Fort William based Vanguard Conversions converted my previous van and did a great job. It was an obvious choice to get them to convert my new one too! 

The layout is very similar to my previous Vauxhall Vivaro. It worked really well before so we didn’t feel the need to make any big changes with the design. 20140522_124612








First  of all, Mark ripped out the old ply lining and started work from scratch. Mark added new ply lining and insulation, then the carpet lining went on. We chose a nice grey carpet for the walls, with a lighter grey roof to make it feel light and airy. The floor is a hard wearing pale purple laminate with sparkly bits in. The van has 8 LED lights with a remote control dimmer, it’s great being able to alter the brightness.  

The double swivel seat at the front makes the van feel loads bigger, and is pretty sociable for having a few more people chilling in the van. We squeezed 5 in for dinner one evening! 20140525_115115




The bed in my last van was great, cost a lot less than a specific camper van bed, and added a nice home made touch. Dad and I spent a couple of days making a similar bed, and also the cooking unit and drawers. The drawers are plant pots which we got from the garden centre for £2.99 each! Dad sawed the end off and substituted it for a wooded one, to make it a bit less ghetto. In a little shop in Briancon I found some nice colourful handles to put on the drawers.


Next to add to the van is some shelving above the cooker to store tea bags, herbs, spices and other necessities. Also to be fitted is an awning, with no sides. Sides would be sweet, but they don’t pack away particularly small so it would eat into the precious bike garage space. Having an awning makes such a big difference, I can’t wait for that to go on! Also, Mark will fit an LED light inside the garage drawer so that the light comes on when the drawer is opened. Finally, I need to think of a good place to fit a subby for the tunes! Trucking without one isn’t quite the same!






The bike garage fits two bikes comfortably with the front wheel off, and three bikes at a squeeze.  The garage is my favourite new addition, a sliding drawer that rolls right out with three compartments. It is awesome, as it fits in loads and is easily accessible and keeps everything in order.







A huge thank you to Mark and Niki for all the tea, laughs, and being so kind in doing all this amazing work to my lovely van!

To many more camper van travels with my bike and friends to beautiful corners of the world!  🙂




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  • “Well-jel!” 😛 What a gorgeous camper! Hope it’s been staying reliable for you now! 🙂 I know all about being stuck at the side of the road… 🙁

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