Wanaka Heli Trip

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A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a good friend from back home’s Sister, asking if I fancied going Heli biking! Mike is a good friend, and I’d heard his Sister Jo was pretty awesome and living a sweet adventurous life in Wanaka, so it was great to be invited on one of her many trips!  Jo Guest runs Mission WOW, a Wanaka based Bike, Surf and Snow events company for women.
View from the heli, approaching Mt Burke My Yeti SB66c having a nice wee ride :)
This trip had all the ingredients for a pretty sweet 24 hours! Ten girls, a heli drop at the top of Mt Burke, camping on the shores of Lake Wanaka, mexican food made with veggies from Jo and Perryn’s garden, lot’s of wine (one of the girls is a wine maker!), gluten free orange cake, a very windy wild night in tents, a dawn swim, then SUP back to Wanaka for coffee and scones! Meike and Camilla Wendy and I loving the heli!

The ride down was sketchy as it was so windy! The trail was wide, loose and rocky. It would normally have been a pretty chilled and quick ride down, but the gale-force gusts of wind made it pretty exciting as we were so exposed on the ridge line. Once we were down by the waters edge, a couple of whirl wind dust storms came over the ridge, followed by a stampede of about a thousand sheep!








A couple of Mission WOW friends came to meet us in a Land rover and boat with all our supplies. We set up camp, had a delicious hot mexican diner, wine, cake, whisky and laughs. It was one of the windiest night I’ve ever spent in a tent, I thought we’d end up in the lake!







It was awesome to share the adventure with some really cool ladies, including photographer Camilla Stoddart and World Cup racer Casey Brown… all so lovely, interesting, fun, and all about living a great outdoors lifestyle. Perryn used to work on salmon fishing boats in Alaska, which I think is amazing!

Arriving in Wanaka by SUP







A big thank you to Mission WOW! I can’t wait for the next one!   🙂

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  • So very envious! 😛

    Funny you where there with Casey, was only a few days ago I saw this… http://youtu.be/WXZugEbDzes madness! 🙂

    Keep the posts coming Hannah!

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